Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CommuniShare Consulting: The Launch

Seth Horwitz and I are setting out on an adventure together - we are calling it CommuniShare Consulting in honor of Seth's pioneering community site.

Seth and I are encouraged by the work we are doing with and for Bob Goodman on his Star Cafe project at the American Friends Service Committee, and are off to share the marked benefits of this work with the larger "better world" community.

Building Networks of Trust, discovering Social Capital, supporting Collaborative Work, stimulating Collaborative Learning – this is the work that motivates us.

We have a combined 60 years experience in IT, mostly in the non-profit arena,and over the course of that time we have established an extensive network of fellow collaborators.

We will be using this space to share the stories and news of the people and projects that cross our paths in the course of our work.

Hope you enjoy it. We do!

Seth & Lem

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